Life is a PhD

The stages of a PhD are probably very predictable, described in a book somewhere. I realised I’d reached a new stage when, early morning and still in a state of sleep where dreams appear, my mind was recreating sentences I’d written to incorporate another concept or reference.

Before this, it also occurs to me that I have been categorising people in reference to my PhD. “Yes, she is an excellent person who I can sit down and have a cuppa with and discuss academia – she’s a Doctor herself after all”. Or…”Why did he ask me that? ‘Am I finished yet’? What a question. I won’t bring up the P-h-D with him”.

My mind casts back to a good friend describing her love and hate of tangents and the endless possible ideas to incorporate (or not). Having penned my first draft of (only part!) of my research proposal, the depths of her woes are suddenly apparent.

There are moments when EVERYTHING seems to relate to my PhD. I can positively feel the neurons firing. It’s quite invigorating! But at the same time, uncontrolled, this P-h-Discrimination could get tiring and certainly won’t earn me any friends.


Image How does this moth I found today relate to my PhD?

I might also do well to catch these moments; appreciate the insights, cast away the fickle figments of empty judgements, and learn how to engage with everyone (and anything) who chooses to engage with my Panoptic-h-D and me. 


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